PM announces plans to increase minimum wage

At a news conference on Tuesday, Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that minimum wage will be increased during this government’s third term in office.

The PM said minimum monthly wage today is 30 thousand leks and that this is only a station in a journey that continues.

“Minimum monthly wage is now 30 thousand leks and we want to increase it year after year. This is only a station in a journey that continues. I know that this minimum wage is not enough, but it’s very challenging for those who benefit this wage and for us too,” the PM said.

Meanwhile, the head of the government also drew a comparison between the current minimum wage and minimum wage in 2013, when the Socialist Party came into power.

“In 2013, minimum monthly wage was 22 thousand leks, today it’s 30 thousand leks. Our ambition is to increase this minimum wage even further,” he said. TemA


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