PM pledges financial assistance for individuals and small businesses


Prime Minister Edi Rama has announced today the measures the government will take to assist the three main categories that will be the most affected by economical difficulties during the self-isolation period due to coronavirus.

The prime minister declared that the state budget will pay minimal wages for around 60 440 people working in small businesses regardless of them being self-employed, employees or working wage-free in their family businesses. The government has also decided to double the  aid for 70 thousand households on social allowance.

Premier Rama said the government is handing out double the amount of declared wages in the small business sector, as a high number of people work in their family’s small businesses without receiving a wage.

He also declared that the 70 thousand families to which the government pays a total of 340 million ALL per month, will receive double the amount they usually receive to compensate the losses these families will suffer for not being able to receive occasional work from the informal sector of the economy.
The effect on the state budget is expected to be around 18 million Euros. This sum equals less than 0.4% of the Albanian government’s yearly budget income, or just 0,1% of the GDP. TemA


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