PM says his statements merely reflect WHO’s reactions

At a news conference on Tuesday, Prime Minister Edi Rama has also commented on the recent debate triggered by the criticism level by him against the EU in relation to the vaccine against coronavirus.

Rama said he hasn’t started a row the EU and that his statements have merely reflected the reactions of the World Health Organisation with regards to the fact that many poor countries are missing out on the vaccine.

“I haven’t started a row with the EU and nobody can stop me from expressing my opinion. You can read what WHO declared on the vaccine. The world is on the brink of a moral catastrophe,” the PM said.

“The fact that we’re a small country, the fact that we’re not rich and we’re not EU members will not shut us up,” Rama added.

A few days ago, the Prime Minister criticized the EU by saying that the EU did nothing to help Western Balkan countries to receive the vaccine against coronavirus. TemA


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