President’s spokeperson attacks US State Department following anti-corruption award granted to Albanian judge

President Ilir Meta doesn’t seem very happy with award granted to the Albanian judge, Ardian Dvorani who led the justice appointment process, an award granted to him by the US Department of State.

In a message posted on social media, the president’s spokesperson, Tedi Blushi does not only attack Prime Minister Edi Rama, but also the international community. In fact, the attack was triggered by the message that the PM posted on social media about the award that Dvorani had received.

But, in his message, the president’s spokesperson considers diplomats to be corrupt. Is he in this case referring to US diplomats?

Earlier, the PM said that the award that the Albanian judge has been granted by the US State Department is an extraordinary encouragement for each one of those who are fighting for the justice reform.

According to Rama, Ardian Dvorani was attacked maliciously because he did not agree to surrender to evil, referring to the accusations that the president launched months ago against the judge. TemA


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