President explains why he revoked elections

President of Albania, Ilir Meta delivered a press conference today where he accused the government of installing a state of propaganda, while considering himself as being part of the rule of law.

Meta has once again explained his decision to revoke June 30 local government elections, drawing a parallel with the government’s decisions and the laws passed in parliament.

“As President, I have the power to issue a decree which invalidates the previous decree. Parliament also has the power to pass a law which invalidates a previous law. The government has the power to issue a decision which invalidates a previous one. This is a constitutional right” , Meta said.

He said he was convinced that this logic is in line with the principles guiding the Venice Commission.

This press conference comes on the same day a Venice Commission delegation ended a fact gathering mission about the decision of the ruling  Socialist party to set up a parliamentary inquiry committee whose task is to investigate the president’s decision of revoking June 30 elections. TemA


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