President impeachment, Venice Commission to issue report on October 11

The Venice Commission delegation has wrapped up its visit to Tirana today. This delegation had arrived in the Albanian capital on a fact gathering mission following the request of the parliamentary majority to impeach President of Republic, Ilir Meta.

At the end of the meeting that the members of the delegation had with members of the parliamentary inquiry committee had today, the head of the delegation, Kaarlo Tuori said that the report will be released on October 11.

“We have a clear idea if the president has breached the Constitution. All meetings have been productive, because we collected the necessary information to have an opinion of our own, which will be made public on 11 October”, Tuori said.

President Ilir Meta is being investigated by a parliamentary inquiry committee for serious violations of the Constitution in the matter of his decision to revoke the June 30 local government elections. TemA


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