President meets the American Jew Committee

Albanian president, Ilir Meta had a meeting today with the American Jewish Committee based in New York, chaired by its executive director, David Harris.

The president briefed AJC’s official delegation on the current situation in Albania, the constitutional and institutional crisis that the country finds itself in and the proposal that he, as president, has made for local, parliamentary and presidential elections to be held on 13 October 2019.

“The only remedy for the crisis that the country finds itself in is to respect freedom of vote by allowing Albanian citizens to vote and by accepting their final verdict”, the head of the state said.

The president also assured Mr. Harris and his delegation that friendship between Albanians and the American-Jewish community will continue to strengthen and that economic cooperation must intensify.

On his part, Mr. Harris declared: “The traditional friendship between Albania and the Jewish community has been engraved in our national memory for the noble role that Albanians have played in saving, protecting and sheltering Jews during WWII and for sharing many similar stories throughout the centuries”. TemA


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