President of European Commission insists elections must be held on June 30

Albanian citizens must not be denied of their right to vote, as this would risk Albania’s European perspective.
This was declared by the president of European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker in a joint press conference from Brussels alongside Albanian PM, Edi Rama. The senior European official reiterated the support of the European Commission for Albania’s integration path.
Juncker also declared that elections must be held on the date they’ve been scheduled.
“I’d like to point out that although this is a difficult issue, political unity is very important in achieving Albania’s goals. All political parties in the country must be part of democratic institutions. Elections have been scheduled to take place at the end of June and citizens must not be prevented from exerting their democratic rights”.
Asked by journalists in relation to the President’s attempts to cancel the elections, Juncker declared that “I do not want to interfere in an internal debate between the President and the government, but I’ve always expressed my opinion. If elections must be held, nobody must be prevented from expressing their political and democratic opinions, but without interfering in the process. I think these elections must be held. If they’re not held, they would damage Albania’s European perspective.” TemA


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