Reaction from Meta: I have had health issues. those who accuse me of breaking the law have read a badly translated constitution

President Ilir Meta has commented on the many reactions after the decision to postpone the election date.

He says he saved the country from a major evil, despite the reactions it had.

“With high state responsibility, i made public the decision to abolish the election date on June 8th.

This decision has been taken since a destabilizing conflict could be provoked with consequences for people’s lives.

Since the announcement of this decision I have noticed emotional reactions, accusations that I have violated the Constitution, violated the Republic.

Knowing very well that some material of the Constitution translated in Tirana is also a mistake to misinform all those who have read fundamental law misguided,” Meta said.

He says that he has had health problems during this week.

“The Republic is not monopartitism, neither seizure of institutions by the majority nor delegitimization of the opposition.

I assure the citizens that the elections will be held at a later date and within a timely manner in accordance with the spirit of the constitution.

I call on the parties to seriously read the constitution to use this space to find an excuse for the inclusion of all Albanians in the elections.

I am ready to make important decisions in the country’s interest and the constitutional spirit. I invite the parties to understand the necessity of dialogue and finding solutions, “said Meta.

He said the predecessors have changed the decrees, but have not been charged with violating the Constitution, so he has no reason to be dismissed as president.

“On June 8th with high national responsibility, I abolished the President’s decree on the election date.

From information received as head of state, I had information that turmoil would occur during this rally.

I have seen charges, interpretations by constitutionalists, that I have violated the constitution.

Knowing very well that in Tirana there are some models of the text of the Constitution, some translated by mistake, I am forced to go out again today.

Those who have read a badly translated text, let me tell you that the official and effective Constitution is what I have.

The Constitution clearly defines the days and months of elections, the formal details of the Electoral Code.

Political parties in some cases have changed the Code and the Constitution overnight.

How it is explained that the presidents who have abolished the decrees before have not been charged with violating the constitution.

My predecessors did not violate the Constitution, but have done so in the interests of the country’s stability. It has been discussed that with the permission of political parties, the President may change the date of the election. So, according to them, the president gets permission from political parties to be in line with the Constitution.

The republic is not monopartitism, the republic can not be a total capture by the majority nor delegitimize them by the opposition. The elections will take place at a later date, “said Meta.


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