Son of archaeologist who discovered Apollonia follows father’s steps

Jean-Gabriel Rey, son of archaeologist Leon Rey who unearthed the ancient city of Apollonia in Albania, visited yesterday the Apollonia Archaeological Park along with many other Albanian and foreign archaeologists, mainly French.

During his visit, Leon Rey’s son walked on the same paths his father did more than seven decades ago.
Leon Rey began excavations in 1924 and continued for about 20 years.
Going back to his father’s footsteps is more than exciting, says Leon Rey’s son.
“You can imagine how excited I am when I come to the place my father worked on a century ago and that this work has been continued by other groups of Albanian, French and international archaeologists.

It is really exciting to be here in this beautiful nature amidst these monuments, and to see that even after a century has passed, the footprints of my father’s work are still present here in Apollonia,” says Jean-Gabriel Rey.
After World War II, Leon Rey could not return to continue the excavations and this was one of his concerns. Later excavations at Apollonia archaeological park were made by Albanian archaeologists.
After 1990 there have been numerous Albanian – French archaeological expeditions to Apollonia, which have made important archaeological discoveries on this site.


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