Sought asylum in France, 50 Albanians repatriated

Albanian asylum seekers continue to be repatriated from other European Union countries.

Finally, fifty citizens have been repatriated from France.

The Albanian and French police took all the measures to make this operation go as smoothly as possible.

The interior ministry says this operation had a peculiarity as families with minors were returned and all repatriates are asylum seekers in France who have been denied a residence permit.

Deputy Interior Minister Rovena Voda has pointed out that any attempt to seek asylum is in vain because Albania is on the list of safe countries, so she has called for people to not take steps in this direction, but to seek legal ways to be employed in EU countries.

Director of the Department for Border and Migration at the State Police Eduart Merkaj stressed that during this 5 month period repatriation flights have increased not only with France but with many other EU countries, further strengthening cooperation, in terms of exchanging more detailed and real-time information.

The Border Police has also strengthened measures to prevent border crossings in order to seek asylum in EU countries.



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