SP answers Meta: The unprecedented act has no legal value, thanks and regards to DP

The Socialist Party has responded to statements by President Ilir Meta following his press conference.

It was the chairman of the parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, who repeated once again that the president’s decree to cancel the June 30th elections has no legal value.

“The unprecedented act of the president has no legal value, thanks and greet DP.

On Thursday, the Assembly will have a broad discussion on this issue and in the end there will be a resolution that more than the answer that I will give is an institutional response and a very institutional approach.

Facing an unconstitutional act needs a responsible and constitutional behavior with all the steps it involves.

Not only the assembly, not just yesterday’s CEC decision-making, but any decision-making because you know, outside the microphones you agree with me that the president in a parliamentary republic does not have this competence. The president may have many desires, but not all wishes can turn them into decrees, “says Balla.


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