SPAK communicates accusation to former Attorney General

The Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPAK) has communicated the accusation to the former Attorney General, Adriatik Llalla. Llalla is accused of failing to declare cash on the border.

According to SPAK, the former Attorney General has failed to declare an amount of cash which was going to be spent for his daughter’s education, later claiming that he had borrowed the money from a friend.

Meanwhile, the US State Department has declared the former Attorney General persona non-grata, barring him from entering the US. However, US authorities provide no other details.

Adriatik Llalla is under investigation by SPAK due to the position he used to hold as Attorney General. The former Attorney General did not undergo the vetting process, as he resigned and left the justice system. The Independent Qualification Commission accepted Llalla’s request and did not vet him.

After Llalla’s resignation as Attorney General, the US State Department decided to bar him and his family from entering the US arguing that “there’s information for his involvement in corruption cases”. TemA


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