Stone with prehistoric inscriptions found in Miredita


A stone with prehistoric inscriptions in it has been found in Miredita, in the north of the country during excavation works.

The rock, which immediately caught the workers’ attention because of the symbols carved on it, is located in the middle of the forest, and no one can explain its existence. The works were suspended immediately, with local authorities first arriving in the area. Fan’s administrator, Kolin Marku, says field specialists are expected to analyze the stone.

Head of Cultural Office at the Municipality of Miredita, Gjergj Marku, says that the area where the stone was found has an enormous historical value. According to him, the object is expected to open a new window in the history of the area and upon first observation he says that the inscriptions on it may be pictograms.

“This is a very interesting area with a lot of history.  It is well known that Rubik’s Pictograms are a cultural monument found in the area of Miredita and they are a tourist attraction. I hope the stone is prehistoric as this would make it one of the most interesting attractions,” he said.

Specialists from the Albanian Archaeological Service are expected to go to the area where the stone was found to determine the historical and heritage value of the stone


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