Teuta starts its Europa League adventure with a defeat

Teuta has made a disappointing appearance in the first match of the Europa League qualification phase against the Latvian side of Ventspils.

The Albanian football club was defeated 3 goals to nil in the first leg which was played away from home, making the return match mission impossible.

Four minutes into the game, Teuta’s player, Sergiçug was sent off.

On the 21st minute, Teuta was very close scoring an equalizer, but its defender, Kouros missed his penalty kick and hit the post. The first half ended 1-0 for the home side.

In the second half, Ventspils scored two more goals.  Umbilsasev scored on the 78th minute and Aiygun on the 88th, ending the match 3 nil.

A poor appearance for Teuta, which was expected to move on to the next stage.  But today’s defeat seemed to kill all hopes for further progress in the Europa League. TemA


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