The bitter lecture to those who do not believe in the decriminalization

By Mero Baze

Valdrin Pjetri is the most recent lecture that the law of decriminalization was drafted to keep out of politics those who are hiding their past. There have been various mayors before him, who have already suffered the consequences as well as members of parliament. For anyone else this would be enough to keep them away from politics.

A person that has a criminal record, despite having suffered the punishment and has the rights to be a free citizen is now allowed according to the law to be part of politics.

At this point, Valdrin Pjetri arouses serious doubts about himself not only as a politician, but even about his intellect as a citizen.

Rather than a winning for the opposition, Pjetri’s recent public humiliation consists rather of a personal problem that could have been avoided if he would have chosen to stay away from politics. Since he dared so far, he now has to suffer the consequences.

What happened to him can serve as a lecture to all those, who still believe that they can pass through the fine sieve, through each Albanian politics is passing through.

The Prime Minister’s immediate reaction is a good news as it shows that he is the first to feel responsible for the infiltration of such individuals in the political system, despite the way they have gone through.

On the other hand, this should also serve the PM as a lecture to understand that he cannot distance himself from such individuals only through paperwork. It has to go beyond that to distance from the environment they are coming from and from the people that support them.

Pjetri’s result in the last elections in Shkodra, despite the support of the Socialists’ allies risked the Socialist Party results in the city as it was the lowest in history.

This shows that the society is even more prepared than the politicians to realize who is supported through crime and who isn’t.

The Socialist Party in Shkodra is part of the society who had understood where Pjetri was coming from.

On the other hand, the PM’s comment that he would not forgive his own brother in a similar case has excited Sali Berisha, who considers it almost apocalyptic. In his mind, Berisha considers himself successful for protecting his son, despite the accusations of murder in the Gerdeci tragedy.

By protecting his children, Sali Berisha murdered the system and is now surprised that the system can distance itself from crime.


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