The connecting points between the opposition MPs who are accepting their mandates

By Mero Baze

There is an effort for a lynching campaign against the MPs, who are about to fill the vacancies left by the opposition in the Parliament.  But it is unusual that, even though the opposition was the one who put them in the lists, they keep attacking these MPs as corrupt, drug traffickers and ex-cons.

First, most of the members of this list have a certain independence from the parties they belong to. Their ‘rebellion’ speaks about their individual freedom and lack of authority from the political leaders towards them.

In some occasions, such as that of Rudina Hajdari, the independence is part of their Western background and citizenship, which protects their freedom from the leader of their party, who seems as if he owns even the life of the rest of MPs.

Even though their being on the list is nothing more than a façade, they were able to prove that anyone who has a personal independence, no matter what, will be able to demonstrate it.

Furthermore, being young and outside the power spheres, they are also the least corrupt MPs from both sides, since they haven’t been part of any government.

If we were to take into consideration that Berisha murdered protesters, that Basha is corrupt and the rest of their followers have used their political influence to escape justice, these new MPs, who are about to enter the Parliament have nothing we can hold against them.

The second quality that most of the group has, is the power that comes from the local electorate.

Even though the opposition is attacking them, they were put in the list because of the local votes that they could gather.

Myslym Murrizi has been in politics for a long time because of the support he has in the areas of Divjaka and Golem.

Ylli Shehu on the other hand has a large support in the northern Albania and the leaders of the minor parties have local and historical support.

Each member of that list has been considered by Basha and Kryemadhi because of the local support that they have in their areas.

For that reason, the hostility that the opposition is creating against them, only harms the opposition itself, since their votes are individual and thus transferable to other parties as well.

Through such an alienation, the opposition is about to lose even their votes, no matter how few they might be. Even though, for sure they will be able to gather more votes than certain members of DP. In the end, that is why they are part of the list.

So, the animosity of the official opposition towards them would only hurt the opposition in the next elections. The Socialist Movement for Integration is built in the principles of strong individuals with high local support. That is also the reason why it is not unified as a party, because its members brought their own assets, that they can take with them once they leave the party. The MPs who are about to enter the parliament and whom the opposition is attacking day by day, simply will take their votes and support with them.

Such a phenomenon showed first, that no matter how deep, the party’s authority cannot harm those who have individual political support. Secondly, it proved that any attempt at gathering non-political votes through local individuals will fail if you consider those votes as yours. Those who are running because of their individual votes know how to manage their support, which can be clearly seen in the actual situation.

The opposition has committed a political suicide by abandoning the parliament, even because it is losing the votes they had because of these new MPs.

There are less political MPs in the waiting list, but they are individual representatives with more support and personality than any of the previous opposition MPs. At least, they do not owe anything to the leaders who write the lists as if they owned their lives also.


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