The government’s misuse of constitution and the President

By Mero Baze

President Ilir Meta has launched his electoral campaign with the Socialist Movement for Integration, despite the fact that he is not officially its leader anymore. In one of his recent electoral meetings, Meta showed no reserve in making various political interpretations as well as in his calls to overthrow the government. Meta hopes that some kind of reaction will follow, giving him thus the chance to be centre of attention.

Meanwhile, the Socialists have not reacted as they are used to calculate the situations at every moment. According to the calculations, the President’s recent public appearances are in their favour since they enforce the idea that the opposition is trying to recycle Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha. Hence, the President continues his involvement in the electoral campaign as if he was actually the leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration.

Ilir Meta’s involvement in the electoral campaign is a serious risk to the law as well as the status of the institution which he leads. In other circumstances, the President would have to face legal consequences as well as harsh political debates regarding his acts. However, his current opponents are willing not only to allow him to break the law, but they would even support the President in his acts only to show to the citizens his true face.

So far, we are all aware that this is an electoral strategy on the government’s side. Furthermore, we agree that he is right in using Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi as the opposition’s only solution in order to scare the citizens. However, someone must take responsibility regarding the laws and constitution. While we understand the government needs to use Ilir Meta for its political purposes, the violation of laws for political purposes is as harmful as the President’s return to power.

The Socialists could at least speak up or pretend to be speaking against the President’s involvement in the electoral campaign. Not that it will have much impact on Ilir Meta’s acts, but the government will at least appear in accordance with law. Furthermore, if they speak against the President’s recent acts, he could out of anger involve himself even more in the electoral campaign. In such a case, the government would profit more from appearing in accordance with the law, while also using Ilir Meta as a political scarecrow.


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