The news regarding the President’s normality

By Mero Baze

President Ilir Meta is trying to spark the flames of diversion regarding his relation with the majority as the latter prepares to fire him from office. Meta’s tamed language during the interrogation from the Investigative Parliamentary Commission as well as the ethical behaviour and the lack of debate showed him for once recently as a normal politician.

The only moment when the President lost his calmness was later in his office as his spokesman shared a satirical post against a former Socialist MP,  thus ruining Meta’s plans of diversion.

But, there was an even stronger reason for the President to get angry. What he did not need to hear last night was someone from the Socialist Party counting all the nonsense that Meta had declared during the interrogation.

Meta was worried about the whole show that he had built in his head regarding his behaviour during the interrogation and the representation from the press as a normal séance.

Having someone from the Socialist Party speaking publicly against him troubled his diversion and for a few minutes ruined the President’s calmness. He had to rethink the answers he had given to the Parliamentary Commission and then publish them on Facebook.

This Presidency will not be remembered much about Meta’s health issues, but rather for his counselors protecting his madness. The President’s warning about an apocalyptic earthquake could have passed with humor, if his counselor wouldn’t have appeared later in public protecting the statement.

The same goes for the attacks that his office issues against the press with a language that shows the true president.

This was clear after his ethical façade during the Parliamentary Commission. And it was not even because of a personal rancor towards the Socialist representative. It is even less important what they think about each other. What is important is that he did not need to ruin the façade of diversion regarding a possible bargain with the Socialists.

So, he failed to maintain his behaviour long enough. When he did not need it anymore he broke the spell of “normality,” which gave way to suspicions regarding a bargain with the Socialists.


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