The President of a parallel state

By Mero Baze

The only positive output of the Investigative Parliamentary Commission on President Ilir Meta was seeing the latter dressed on a suit after appearing on Sunday on swimwear helping a stray cat. At least, his most recent performance gives hope for the stability of his mental health. Through what he said either intentionally or unintentionally, he proved that he is the President of a parallel country, rather than of Albania. I cannot say if he should be investigated regarding this, but he needs to at least be fired from office.

In his recent confession, Meta admitted to have taken decisions based on information coming from unofficial sources. According to the President, his decision to postpone the local elections was taken following information coming to him from unknown sources.

The National Information Service did not have any information about violence and destruction of the Parliament’s building. Nor did the police. The “unofficial sources” quoted by the president are not valid.

The only argument at this point is if the President has overheard the communication between his wife and the opposition’s leader, Lulzim Basha if they were planning to attack the Parliament. But, if he had such information and did not make a statement, that is even worse.

We cannot know why the President postponed the elections date. He did it to spark the chaos, instead of avoiding it. But, even in that case he still behaved as the president of a parallel country.

His legal arguments are also invalid according to the constitution. He refers to an obsolete version of it from the communist times or even to a foreign one, badly translated and with not relations to our history.

The postponement of elections is unique in its kind because of its context. There might have been a postponement of elections in the past and there might be one in the future. Ilir Meta’s decree was in regard to destruction of elections.

Elections can be postponed through a mutual agreement. It happens when the country is involved in a war. Elections are postponed when they cannot be held at the moment with the intention of holding them sometime in the future.

Ilir Meta tried to destroy the elections date because he wanted to avoid the elections. This has never happened before, except for Ilir Meta’s parallel state.

Finally, the President’s decisions were taken also against the country’s national interest, by hurting Albania’s relation with its two strategic partners, the US and EU. Ilir Meta has taken official stances against the special representative of the US in Albania, Mathew Palmer by attacking him personally and his family too.

His supporters have attacked the house of the Ambassador of OSCE in Tirana.  Furthermore, the President has refused to meet with the representative of the US Embassy in Tirana as well as the Italian ambassador.

The whole situation built to an official clash of the President’s office with the US and EU and if the they would have considered Meta as the real President of Albania, we would be isolated today.

But, the US and EU never identified Albania through Ilir Meta. On the contrary, they aligned themselves with the Albanian citizens.

This turns Ilir Meta de facto into the President of a parallel state, not related to Albania even for the Western diplomats. And that is how he should be treated until the end in order to bring legitimacy back to the President’s office because Ilir Meta is not our President.


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