The President’s conditions about a dialogue he is not even invited in

By Mero Baze

As Lulzim Basha’s packet of conditions loses its importance, the President’s new conditions are adding in. While Mr. Basha lost all under the hope of winning everything by conditioning his agreement with the Prime Minister, Ilir Meta is starting to repeat his solution of the crisis to everyone he meets.

He made it known to the President of Macedonia, who must have had a hard time to really understand what he was talking about. Then, he explained it to a group of Hebrews who most likely are not in Albania for politics and then he must have repeated it to everyone who met in Bosnia during his visit.

The political crisis in Albania has avoided its most important element: the institutional crisis. The June 30th elections as well as the Electoral College’s decision to overthrow the President’s decrees regarding the elections gave an end to the institutional chaos.

Albania managed to dismantle some really important elements of the crisis, related to the organization of elections and the decision making regarding their validity.

What remains unsolved is the Democratic Party’s return in the political system, which if it happens will cost a lot to the party itself, Lulzim Basha as well as the government.

The Democratic Party has denied its supporters the right of being represented in the country’s political institutions. To return, they will need an agreement and even more the political will to take responsibility of what its leadership has done.

Ilir Meta’s suggestions, that are randomly repeated everywhere are much worse than Lulzim Basha’s conditions. Instead of an attempt to cleanse the crisis’ last stage, they aim to return the institutional crisis.

Now that the institutional crisis has ended and the state is starting to function properly again, the President is looking to turn everything to the point zero by cancelling the elections and declaring new presidential elections, which is not even predicted in the country’s constitution as the President is normally chosen by the Parliament.

If so far we managed to pass a tough institutional crisis because of Lulzim Basha’s condition’s about a dialogue with the government, we are now heading back to that crisis because of the President’s conditions.

I am not aware of how synchronised Meta and Berisha might be, but they need to understand that they failed to turn Albanian’s against each other at the peak of the crisis. They will never manage to return the crisis now in the middle of summer.

Time is passing for DP’s dialogue to return into the political system. The longer Basha takes to think, the later will be for the Democratic Party.

His boasting that he will fight to keep the municipalities that DP lost in elections probably are not taken seriously even from the mayors who governed them, who would not choose to be his victims again.

At this point, he is acting similarly to Ilir Meta, who still believes he is a president with conditions to reach an agreement. But, he does not take into consideration that nobody has invited him in discussion, nor even to negotiate.


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