The race to play the victim!

By Mero Baze

The government of Kosovo might lose today the vote of trust in Parliament after a motion by their main partner, the LDK who felt ignored by Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s decision to fire a minister without their consultation. After that, the Prime Minister went ahead holding government meetings without the presence of the LDK regarding decisions such as the lift of the tax on Serbian goods, which de facto separated the government.

Despite everything, the LDK still had a suggestion of peace announced by Isa Mustafa prior to the motion, also repeated during the recent Parliamentary meeting from the Minister of Defence, Anton Cuni. He requested to revert the decision of firing Agim Veliu as well as return of normality in government.

Kurti’s party did not accept the offer, requesting that the process goes into voting, thus humiliating his partners a second time without an agreement.

This means the end of the government, which apparently everyone is looking forward to.

The first to wish this is Albin Kurti. Not only does he want the end of the government, he even calculated all the scenario with a cold blood by confronting his partners with two choices: either obey to his decisions or take the responsibility of destroying the government amidst a global pandemic crisis. A typical populist action, cruelly calculated and similar to those of the German socialists in the 1920s during their march towards total power through “democratic means.”

Albin Kurti proved that Veliu’s firing was a well-thought cause for a crisis, rather than a problem caused by misunderstanding. If anything, Kurti would have retreated following the LDK offer of peace, but to the Prime Minister all this is more important than dealing with the epidemic crisis. In other words, Albin Kurti would rather accept the end of Kosovo than allow Agim Veliu to return in government.

What is even worse is that Albin Kurti is trying to play the victim in this story. By victimizing himself, he hopes to avoid the responsibility of handling the coronavirus epidemic, while heading into new elections well-rested.

The LDK on the other hand is also looking to play the victim. It is true that they were offended and humiliated by Albin Kurti, but it seems that they were also looking forward tot his scenario.

As a result, the LDK most likely will suffer a mild division, losing the queen of the electoral campaign, Vjosa Osmani who is acting more as if she were the vice-president of the Vetevendosje.

But, the LDK had the chance to avoid self-victimization by giving Kurti a taste of his own medicine.

It seems though, that they know better than anyone else how to play the victim, which they did. While Kurti begged for them not to pressure him, the LDK begged for Kurti not to accept their offer. All this was clear today in Parliament during Anton Cuni’s lone but honest efforts.

Even though President Hashim Thaci is at the centre of these conspiracy theories, he is being careful to appear like the victim of an inner problem of the governing coalition. His party is outside the debate, though Thaci himself is being victimized by Albin Kurti as the initiator of the latest events because of the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia under the US pressure.

It is ridiculous the fact that, Albin Kurti is not against the agreement, but he cannot accept Thaci as the one in charge of the talks. He simply wants to take his part. For this reason, Kurti is struggling to cause a division between the US and EU regarding the dialogue process so that it fails.

Truth is that Thaci is the main partner of the US in the talks with Serbia, while Kurti seeks to lower his responsibilities. Furthermore, Kurti is even taking low methods by accusing without any facts that Thaci aims territorial exchange with Serbia; accusations which consequently fall also on the US.

The recent debate in Kosovo where everyone is looking how to get out of the Parliament as a victim shows their lack of courage as leaders who now more than ever are needed to take responsibilities.

The idea that, by appearing as victims the citizens will then pity them is naïve and will produce more hatred than mercy.

Kosovo is the only victim at the moment, while its politicians are the perpetrators.

First is Albin Kurti who sparked the crisis consciously and cannot wait to run away. The others, who took care of playing the victims themselves follow.

This is the only thing that will be forever remembered in Kosovo’s history. On March 23rd, 1989 they lost their autonomy. On March 24th, 1999 they regained their freedom while on March 25th, 2020 the irresponsibility of its leaders was sealed.

Those who want to be the victims of this history shall be so. But, they will only be the victims of their own ego for power, not for Kosovo. They shall never be heroes!


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