The well-known American presenter spends vacations in Albania

The well-known US presenter and comedian, Steve Harvey has spent some time during his vacations in Albania.

Harvey posted an Instagram video from his boat, showing that he was between Albania and Greece, while explaining to his followers that there is a one hour time difference between both countries, despite how close they are.

In the video, the US comedian compares Albania and Greece with the two neighboring states of Georgia and Alabama where he was performing in a club a long time ago.


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Albania across the ocean is Greece…. like Columbus Ga & PHEONIX city AL😂

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“I was staying across the river in Phoenix City, Alabama at a Holiday Inn Express. This is where I was staying and this is where I was performing,” says Harvey while showing on video Albania and Greece as his boat floats between them.

“I left the hotel at 19:00, going to grab something to eat before I performed. I got to the club and the owner tried to fire me. He said, I was late. I said, how the hell?! He said it’s eight o’clock. I said, I just left the hotel at seven o’clock. He said, you’re late. There’s a time change.”

In the end, Harvey invites his followers to let him know where they are spending their vacations.


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