Thousands rally in Serbia against populist leader Vucic

Source: Associated Press

Thousands of people have gathered for a protest rally against Serbia’s populist President Aleksandar Vucic. Authorities deployed riot police inside the parliament, saying they wanted to prevent the opposition from storming the building.

The protest Saturday in central Belgrade, the capital, comes after months of anti-government demonstrations accusing Vucic of being autocratic and demanding that his government allow more democracy and media freedom in the Balkan country.

Tensions have mounted ahead of Saturday’s rally, as pro-government media and officials alleged the opposition wants to storm the state institutions and take over power by force. Opposition leaders say the authorities have sought to prevent their supporters from coming into Belgrade for the rally.

The anti-government protests started after masked thugs beat up an opposition politician last November. Vucic denies accusations that he’s an autocrat.


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