Tirana Mayor honors 100 year old General who was imprisoned by the dictatorship as the City Symbol

A former anti-fascist fighter is honored as the city’s symbol from the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, exactly on the day he turned 100 years old.

Rrahman Parllaku, a former military leader of the resistance fractions, led the Albanian army even after the Second World War, but then he was imprisoned by the communist regime and he spent decades in prison.

Parllaku, held the rank of general before the imprisonment and is one of the few living witnesses of the battles against the Italian fascist army and then against the German Nazis who invaded the Albanian territory during World War II.

“The Municipality of Tirana gives the certificate for the title” Symbol of the City of Tirana” to Mr. Rahman Parllaku, with the motivation “patriot who fought fascism, emblematic figure of the Anti-fascism National Liberation War, the general who challenged the regime of the communist dictatorship, and People’s Hero, a title that the communist dictatorship took away from him, but that history immortalized. So, the city of Tirana, which has just entered the Jubilee year of its 100th anniversary of being proclaimed the capital of Albania, has the pride to give the honorary title “City Symbol” to her century-old peer, who has turned into a living symbol of patriotic, civic and historical memory for his contributions,” said Veliaj.

“I came in Tirana with the 3rd Brigade and I fought for a month and a half. We did 22 actions within the city, the command was at Priska. When I recall these events, the tiredness and sufferings in life, I said that I lived. Life is not like saying: I came here and went there. Life is pleasant, with its good and bad. Even from the bad, even from prison, I learned something. Man also learns from suffering not only from the good; learns even from the bad. Thank you for honoring me,” said Parllaku.


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