Tourist season opens in the beach of Darzeza

In an atmosphere with numerous sports activities in Fier, the new tourist season was opened today.

The mayor of Fier, Armando Subashi, said that “this year the preparations started early, to have optimum conditions not only in the coast of Darzeza, but also in the coast of Seman, Hasturkas and Ndërnënas in Libofsha”.

He assured that the Municipality will continue with all the necessary elements to provide better conditions and increase the number of vacationers and visitors.

Darzeza, Seman, Ndërnënas, Pish Poro are just a few of the beaches of the coastline of Fier, the coasts that for the most part are still unknown, though very beautiful and not expensive.

Sandy beaches with considerable stretch provide tranquility and fun at the same time.

18 km west of the city of Fier, stretches the Seman beach, 7 km long. Part of the coastline of Fier are also the beach of Darzeza 13.7 km, the beach 8 km from the town, and the Pish Poro beach 9.5 km.

The endless coastline with fine gravel sand, family beaches with warm and shallow waters rich in aquatic life are what this part of the Adriatic offers.

Meanwhile, traditional dishes with native produce and affordable prices remain the lure of vacationers on the coast of Fier.

The coastline of Fier does not only offer beaches, but also fantastic adventure venues, clay target shooting in the woods, exploration, fishing or extreme sports.


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