Two US senior officials visit Kosovo today

Two US senior officials who handle matters concerning Western Balkans and dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, Matthew Palmer and Richard Grenell will be staying in Kosovo today, October 9.

This was announced by US ambassador to Pristina, Philip S. Kosnett.

“US support to Kosovo and Serbia in the dialogue process requires teamwork: Special Presidential Envoy Grenell and State Department Special Representative Matt Palmer together in Berlin. Both will visit Kosovo”, Kosnett wrote on Twitter.

Grenell and Palmer have first discussed the situation in the region with the Germans. The US embassy to Berlin has published photos from their meeting at the German Foreign Ministry.

“Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotiations Ambassador Grenell and US Special Representative for Western Balkans, Palmer discuss the situation in the region with Germany’s Diplomacy”, the US embassy to Berlin twitted. TemA


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