What happens if Rama doesn’t enter 2021 elections


By Mero Baze

The best argument that Ilir Meta had to offer regarding his decision to cancel the elections was that the opposition would not enter the elections because it has several conditions that need to be met.
It’s quite clear for each of us that Ilir Meta considers the opposition’s conditions as a constitution on its own.
We know that he’s president and head of opposition at the same time.
But if we accept this sort of insanity that Ilir Meta is manifesting, what if Edi Rama does not agree to enter the 2021 elections?
He could demand Lulzim Basha to distance himself from Berisha or Grida Duma to split up with Ervin Salianji. Absurdities such as the ones that the opposition today is coming up with.
In that case, Ilir Meta needs to cancel 2021 elections and needs to wait until Edi Rama makes up his mind about the new election date. This way, Edi Rama could declare himself a monarch, because he would never leave power. Thanks to Ilir Meta, we wouldn’t have to worry about elections anymore.


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