While Kosovo needs a new government, Albin Kurti needs a new people

Kosovo must surpass all the constitutional procedures regarding the formation of a new government by gathering an all-inclusive table of political parties who should show the political will for a new technical government.

Ex-Prime Minister Albin Kurti must be stopped from dragging the country after his political ambitions to cause as many corpses, hoping that they will glorify his figure as a victim.

Even though he was fired by the Parliament, Kurti is still pretending not to know that he is not the Prime Minister of Kosovo anymore, while hoping to drag his position in office as much as possible.

An individual who, as he himself has claimed, was willing to destroy the government does not need to remain in the PM’s office any longer. Today he should have resigned and allow the President to form a new government. Through such a will he would have shown that he does not want to keep the country without a government.

Meanwhile, Kurti is doing the exact opposite. He is acting as if he does not want to leave office, signing ridiculous acts such as the firing of the vice PM, Abdulla Hoti only because the latter’s name was mentioned as the possible future Prime Minister.

Albania has experienced even more absurd situations in the past. On March 1997 President Sali Berisha insisted on his re-election while the country had no government and was going through a civil war. Still, within a week the political class found the strength to begin a process of dialogue and form a new government within a day.

A government is political will. Procedures should be followed during peaceful times, but when at war, political will is the only thing that counts.

Kosovo must show today a political will regarding an all-inclusive government with representatives from the technical spheres, who can surpass the epidemic crisis and then lead the country to new elections.

This can be done within a day by the leaders of all parliamentary parties. If Kurti does not wish to be part of this process, then he is more than welcome to leave.

Without dragging the procedure, the President will have to agree with the remaining parties for the name of the new Prime Minister and consequently give the country a new government.

Albin Kurti’s narcissism, trying to parade his figure as a victim in Kosovo while the opposite is true shows only his real face. He is willing to burn Kosovo for the Prime Minister’s office and furthermore he is ready to dance on corpses while people are dying from the epidemic only for him to pretend to be the Prime Minister.

As if this was not enough, Kurti has launched his supporters in attacks against the LDK and the US ambassador in Kosovo, who make for the two main symbols of the country’s independence. In the 1990’s when Kosovo had no schools, jobs, a government or even any power, there were only two offices that gave hope to the citizens. Those were the American office in Kosovo and the office of the LDK. Albin Kurti has now decided to announce them as historical enemies of Kosovo.

LDK is a party that has had to confront tigers, while now is only bothered by the claws of cats. Meanwhile, Albin Kurti can express his own anger against the US, but never in the name of Kosovo. There are plenty others from Belgrade to Moscow, who like him have issues and complaints for the US, whom he can join.

The effort to manipulate the situation as if Kurti was removed from office from the US and LDK does not go too far as Kurti himself  has claimed that “it is a necessary fall for a new rebirth. If the government as a structure does not fall, we cannot govern with quality.” He said this today and it is still on his Facebook wall, even though it sounds like a quote from the Chinese communist party.

So, let us give an end to the farce, especially in Tirana where those who consider revolution legitimate do not think the same about the impeachment of a government through procedures.

Albin Kurti is not Kosovo’s Prime Minister anymore. Even prior he was only the Prime Minister of LDK. That party put him in the office and after his attempt to humiliate them, they decided to remove him from office.

Yesterday in Parliament he realized how many votes he really had from the people of Kosovo. Only 32 seats (29 his plus three new ones from the LDK). To remain a Prime Minister, he will need a new people. With the actual people he became Prime Minister of LDK, but even at that he failed.

Now, enough with the crying about his leaving. Kosovo needs urgently a new, all-inclusive government to wipe away the country’s tears. Albin Kurti’s tears will dry quickly on their own as they are not even real.


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