Why Berisha sent his thugs to the OSCE Ambassador’s home?

By Mero Baze

The OSCE Ambassador to Tirana, Bernd Borchardt is not physically threatened by Albanian opposition, even though they suddenly sent a group of protesters at his house on a Saturday night. And I do not think that he is surprized by Lulzim Basha’s and Monika Kryemadhi’s effort at humiliating him, by trying to show him what consists of honor and shame in this country. He has been long enough in Albania to distinguish the honor and the shame that the politicians have done to the country.

He was the German Ambassador to Tirana during Sali Berisha’s time as a Prime Minister. After that, he served as Ambassador in Kosovo and is now back to Albania. Mr. Borchardt knows us, probably even better than we might think we know themselves.

He might not be able to grasp the reason of the protesters, who attacked his house, instead of attacking him verbally in TV shows or meetings, as it has been happening with the rest of diplomats recently in Albania.

The opposition has already attacked every single Western diplomat in Tirana. The US Ambassador, Donald Lu was almost declared “non grata,” being accused even for betraying the United States.

Romana Vlahutin was accused of a shady love life and as a corrupt diplomat, because she lived in a luxurious house, rented by the EU in Tirana, while opposition leaders own more than three of them per person.

The High EU Representative, Federica Mogherini has been used as a target by the opposition, to release their sexual frustrations.

The European MP, Knut Fleckenstein has been accused as corrupt and disloyal to the EU itself.

Considering all these, why did the opposition attack Mr. Borchardt’s house?

It cannot be related to his stance regarding the June local elections. He has made exactly the same statements as his colleagues, western diplomats and Ambassadors, approved by the OSCE, as it was confirmed in their official reaction lately.

The home attack is a primitive rule, to which Sali Berisha retorts to in his moments of madness. He did in 1998, when he sent people in front of Fatos Nano’s house, right after the murder of Azem Hajdari, hoping to close the cycle by also killing his rival.

It is a wild, primitive law who thinks the world abides to his outdated moral codes. A mixture of old, primitivism with the gangster vengeance against those who oppose him.

Sali Berisha has always done this to the people who stood against him. In 1998 he sent people to Fatos Nano, then Prime Minister of Albania and his biggest political rival.

He sent his thugs to Gramoz Pashko’s house in 1992, even humiliating his child.

To Teodor Keko, another major Democratic figure, Berisha sent his people to threaten in 1993.

He has sent his thugs to Bamir Topi, as well as Edi Rama’s house.

He has even sent his people to burn my car in front of my house, when he could have done it somewhere else.

It is the law of vengeance against those he considers as his main enemies at a given moment.

Mr. Borchardt has been chosen as an enemy by Berisha, since he is aware of the history of elections in Albania.

He has revealed Berisha’s efforts to ruin the 2017 elections, as well as the local ones, coming in June 30.

He has openly requested an election reform, while criticizing the Democratic Party for its lack of will in the process, still asking the government to vote the reform even without the opposition.

He has opposed the idea that of contesting the 2017 elections.

On the other hand, Mr. Borchardt is a high representative of the German diplomats in Albania with a much larger impact on the German government, than Lulzim Basha’s lobbyists.

To put it simply, Bernd Borchardt is the main obstacle against Sali Berisha’s effort to make the West believe in his cause. This is even why he is considered as a misfortune by Albanian opposition and why they went as far as sending thugs to attack his home, embarrassing us a primitive country in the Western world.

It is a crime, which has its tracks deep in Albanian politics’ history, leading to the man, who wants to murder the Western hope in Albania.

He does not want to murder the OSCE Ambassador and probably does not even believe, that he will be scared, but when he does not say what Berisha expects, he can always devalue his stance as motivated by Berisha’s humiliating act of attacking his house.

It is fairly simple and rather perverse what they have done, consciously.

They simply put a sign at the Ambassador’s door, as the Nazis used to do with their enemies, to bring it up as an excuse when they face him.


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