A guide for a political career in the Democratic Party

By Mero Baze

Aldo Bumci would have been forgotten as a politician if it were not for one lucky moment during his term as Minister of Justice. Sali Berisha’s son knocked on his office’s door one day, asking from Mr. Bumci to forward him as well the agreement of Gerdec. The file was later caught by the Prosecution and was a serious threat against Shkelzen Berisha. Meanwhile, Mr. Bumci was removed from the office of the Ministr of Justice, but was still kept in the higher ranks of the Democratic Party. Currently he leads the party’s electoral team in Tirana.

The same goes for another member of the Democratic Party, Enkelejd Alibeaj. At the time he was the head of the anti-corruption department in the Prime Minister’s office and through various emails advised regarding the Gerdec agreement. While the emails remain in the Prosecution’s files, Mr. Alibeaj has been in politics for fifteen years, even though he has not contributed anything to the Democratic Party.

The case of the properties of Partizani sport club is quite similar. The files mention the name of Oerd Bylykbashi, considered as Democratic Party’s new man, who at the same time has led the process through which Berisha’s family stole the properties of the Partizani sport club. This is a clear proof of how much Mr. Bylykbashi is willing to sacrifice for Berisha’s family and for that reason has been rewarded. Even though he came from a traditionally left-wing family, he managed to integrate in the Democratic Party and is today untouchable.

Gazmend Oketa on the other hand seems to be less lucky since he could not achieve the impossible. He failed to give the property of the Partizani sport club to Berisha’s family during his time as Minister of Defence. For that reason, he was removed from office and was left out of the party as well.

Meanwhile, Fatmir Mediu signed again as a candidate for the Democratic Party, breaking a strange record. That of running in elections for a party, while being the leader of another. Since his involvement in the Gerdec tragedy in 2008, Mr. Mediu has been quite lucky. Considering that any testimony from him would send Shkelzen Berisha to jail, the whole Berisha family is now in his service. Furthermore, Mediu is among the initiators of the Partizani sport club case. Any attempt by Lulzim Basha to distance him from the Democratic Party ends up in last minute agreements for the opposite. Fatmir Mediu is the one they cannot joke with as he knows the secrets of a crime that ended with 26 victims.

I am only mentioning here those who have benefited from witnessing Berisha’s family corruption. There are many more who have been punished since they could not submit. However, they are the victims in this case. Those who have benefited are the ones who dedicated themselves to facilitate the corruption of Berisha’s family during his time as Prime Minister. That was the only criteria for a career in the Democratic Party. The ones who stood by the side of Berisha’s family in their corrupt projects managed to move forward in their career and continue to hold the family hostage with their knowledge. Those who were professionals on the other hand were pushed away and left out of the party.


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