Allow President Ilir Meta to campaign for the Socialist Movement for Integration!

By Mero Baze

Ilir Meta is officially challenging the law, the government as well as all his political opponents by engaging in the electoral campaign, despite holding the office of the President, which under the current constitution is forbidden from campaigning. His agenda is perhaps the most entertaining aspect of this electoral campaign. Through it, one can witness how a paranoid politician tries constantly to conflict himself with the government and the constitution only to appear rebellious.

The debate regarding President Meta’s recent political actions has divided the journalists and commentators who seek from the President to obey the law. A request that sounds presumptuous when addressed to Ilir Meta. Despite the circumstances, he will always find a way to break the law. For this reason, it is useless to argue why the President is campaigning for his former party, the Socialist Movement for Integration. If anything, this is the most legal action he can take while breaking the law. The Socialist Movement for Integration was founded by him. It is his monster that will eventually take him down as well. He needs to deal with it so that, if they fail in the next elections he will not be able to complain that the failure was because of his lack of participation with the SMI.

President Ilir Meta should confront the monster that he himself has created. On the other hand, he should be allowed to help the SMI publicly as that will refresh the society’s memory and push them to vote against it. As long as citizens identify the SMI with its current leader, Monika Kryemadhi, there is a risk of voters being indifferent towards this party. If Ilir Meta reappears as the leader of the party, things become more clear and voters will be conscious.

Furthermore, Ilir Meta should be allowed to campaign for the SMI since he might lose his sanity believing in a new conspiracy, that Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha are collaborating to keep him as a President, while destroying his party. Therefore, we should not feed such a paranoia in him. He needs to be allowed to campaign for the SMI as a President, using all the advantages that the office has provided him. We need not refer the constitution, nor the laws that he has violated. His obvious anger and illogical statements are the best thing that could happen to the government on the verge of elections, since it makes the opposition even more comical. Such a thing would be impossible without Ilir Meta.


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