Opposition parties strike a last minute deal ahead of April 25 elections

The chairman of the largest opposition party, Lulzim Basha managed to strike a last minute deal with his allies, while political parties had until Wednesday to register their coalitions with the Central Election Commission ahead of April 25 elections.

The negotiations with the chairman of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu turned out to be the most difficult ones as he had often requested that the number of votes that his party has secured throughout the years be taken into consideration in defining the terms of the agreement.

The republican leader did not provide too many details on the number of parliamentary seats he managed to secure for his party during these difficult negotiations with the democrats, but he said the agreement will help the opposition coalition to win the April 25 elections.

“This is a process which does not end today, it’s an ongoing process. Proportionality is something which needs to be valued. It does not serve the interests of political parties, but it will help the opposition win the elections,” Mediu said.

But, the biggest surprise of all was the meeting that former president, Bamir Topi had with the democrat leader.The former head of the state is also expected to sign an agreement with his former party on behalf of the political party he chairs, “Fryma e Re Democratike”. TemA


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