Sali Berisha, the former Prime Minister caught stealing from his own collaborators

By Mero Baze

The history of the robbery of the Partizani FC from Sali Berisha’s family is not only a legal problem that should be dealt with by the Special Prosecution, it also strengthens the former Prime Minister’s image as the most corrupt politician in Albania’s history.

The investigation from Report TV proves clearly that it was Berisha’s goal during his term in office to steal the property of the Partizani FC. The process started three months after he entered the PM’s ofice and was followed in every step with Berisha’s signature, which made it possible for the property to be returned to its previous owners and then for his son in law to become the owner of thirty five percen of the money earned by the sale of the property. In other words, through Berisha’s political power and his signature, the former owners received their property easily and then had to pay back thirty five percent of its value to Sali Berisha’s son in law.

This is classic scheme of property theft, that has been used in various cases by Berisha’s close circle all over the country. It is similar to the history of Gerdec, where Sali Berisha’s son terrorized his father’s ministers, forcing them to report to him until they had signed a contract with his chosen company regarding the dismantling of ammunition. The whole public administration was under his service and even after the explosion, it was used to cover up the tracks.

One would only need to investigate this corrupt practice of how the former Prime Minister’s family dealt with property theft in order for Sali Berisha to be investigated as the most corrupt Prime Minister in Albania’s history. A politician who places all the country’s political structures under the service of his family to provide them with financial means through his own political influence.

However, things get worse. Because of the influence of his signature, Sali Berisha humiliates his collaborators in corruption by giving them less profit, even though they are the real owners of the properties. The case with his son in law is pretty clear. He robbed the government and then went ahead to rob those who collaborated with him in corruption, all thanks to Sali Berisha being Prime Minister.


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