The opposition’s gradual loss of reliability

By Mero Baze

There is a real example why not only the opposition, but also the press affiliated to it have lost their faith to the public. Furthermore, instead of helping each other, the opposition and the media affiliated to it are actually pushing each other even lower. Such is the case with the highly documented corruption case that involves Berisha’s family with the Partizani FC. The former PM’s son in law profited properties by using Sali Berisha’s signature and political influence. While the investigation file has been submitted to the Special Prosecution, it remains to be seen how the majority of the Albanian press will treat the issue. Until now, however they have not mentioned a single word about it.

None of the media or journalists that are under the opposition’s influence have spoken up about the case. This goes goes to show that the opposition-affiliated media have become one with the opposition’s approach of remaining silent regarding Sali Berisha’s corruption, hoping that if they win in elections, everything will be forgotten. While lying at each other, they believe that they will manage to also lie at the society. However, they fail to understand that such an approach makes them distrustful to the public opinion whenever they criticize the current government’s corruption. The person inspiring the opposition in its struggle for power has already been caught in a corruption case and that undermines their whole political cause. Furthermore, it makes the opposition itself ridiculous and instead of being able to spark confidence to the public, they retort to exaggerated stories regarding Edi Rama’s alleged ideological enemies.

We all remember that the oppositions protest on 2017 was inspired by President Trump’s success in the US elections since he was supposed to be Edi Rama’s ideological opponent. For this reason, the opposition rushed to accuse Prime Minister Rama as an anti-Trump politician, while he himself was about to meet with the then newly elected US President.

Now, the opposition has woken up to the extreme leftist success of Albin Kurti and hope to defeat Rama with this ideology. The issue here is not simply that the opposition is wasting time, but rather that they lack authenticity, while constantly hiding behind different ideologies, which they hope will help them to defeat Edi Rama in elections. However, it will be difficult as long as the public cannot see who they truly are.

The opposition’s battle now is real. If they wish to defeat Edi Rama, they must show their true face and stop hiding behind Sali Berisha, Donald Trump or Albin Kurti. Edi Rama needs a real opponent to compete against. He has already settled his issues with Sali Berisha, Donald Trump and Albin Kurti.


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