US Ambassador Yuri Kim pays visit to Authority for Information on Documents of the Former State Security

The US Ambassador to Albania, Mrs. Yuri Kim, visited today the Authority for Information on Documents of the Former State Security (AIDFSS).
The President of AIDFSS, Mrs. Gentiana Sula, introduced US ambassador Yuri Kim and Mr. Lan Crawford, head of the political and economic section, to the activity of the Authority, the pillars on which the work of the institution is based and the daily challenges.
One of the important elements of the AIDFSS’ work, within the framework of transitional justice, is the identification of justices and prosecutors who have had ties with the former State Security during communism. As of March 31, 2020, a total of 481 candidates have been verified in the framework of the vetting in the judicial (HPC, JAC, HCJ, SPAK, and Prosecutor’s Office), of which 11 appear to have documents in the Archive that show their connections to the former State Security and 470 resulted to have no ties with the infamous state surveillance institution.
At the meeting, Mrs. Gentiana Sula, President of the Authority, emphasized the issue of thousands of people forcefully disappeared under the communism rule and the activity of AIDFSS to shed light in their fate.
The US ambassador was also introduced to the history of the Tepelena concentration camp, as well as the stories of the persecution of families, intellectuals, the elite, and many others, from an early age and throughout life, the “class struggle” and its aftermath during the half-century dictatorship, which are still not well known by today’s Albanian society and mainly young people.


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