US interests in WB remain unchanged, says senior US diplomat

The US interests in Western Balkans remain unchanged and its strategy for these countries also remains unchanged.

The Special Representative for the Western Balkans and Deputy Assistant Secretary, Matthew Palmer said during an interview for the Voice of America, that under the Biden administration, the US is expected to continue its commitment in Western Balkans.

“The US policy, its commitment and its strategy in Western Balkans has remained constant regardless of which administration is in office. This is because US interests are constant,” Palmer said.

“What we would like to see is for Western Balkan countries to enjoy prosperity and peace and also integrate in European institutions. This means integration in the European Union for all Western Balkan countries and accession to NATO,” he said.

After the February 14 elections, the US State Department said the US will urge the new government of Kosovo to make dialogue with Serbia a priority.

“The US is investing and is making considerable efforts in this direction. We fully support the EU facilitated dialogue and the work being done by the EU Special Representative, Miroslav Lajcak,” Palmer said.

“Normalisation of ties and reconciliation between Serbia and Kosovo is a good thing for the entire region,” Palmer added. TemA


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