Vjosa Osmani’s needed courage to confront the murderers working for the Vetevendosje Party

By Mero Baze

While preparing for the coalition with the Democratic League of Kosovo last year, Albin Kurti committed an action that was beyond his principles. He paid homage to the murdered publicist and DLK member, Xhemail Mustafa. The gesture was seen as a sign of reflection considering Kurti’s suspicious support of political murders in Kosovo. From 1998 until 2002, as political murders had become a serious concern for Kosovo’s civil peace, there was at the same time a political side that supported them, part of which was Albin Kurti. Through his communist principle that political opponents are enemies and should hence be eliminated, Kurti launched his paradigm with Ibrahim Rugova and completed it with his own subordinates.

Therefore, Kurti’s homage to the late Xhemail Mustafa was seen as a sign of reflection as well as resignation from his previous support of political murders. This was also followed by his homage to Ibrahim Rugova’s tomb as well as attempts to conclude the cycle of political adaptation with the DLK. However, a new issue has been brought to attention recently. An issue that is mainly related to Vjosa Osmani and her slogan “Dare.”

UNMIK’s published file shows that, at least three political personalities have been executed by a unit hired from Kosovo’s Defence Troop, members of which worked as bodyguards for Rexhep Selimi, who was until recently an MP and high functioning member of Vetevendosje, prior to his arrest from the Special Court. The murderers themselves were later eliminated in an “accidental” way to erase the traces. It is clear that Rexhep Selimi had a key role in the case, though two months ago Mr. Kurti requested from the Special Court to free him, while Kurti himself guaranteed that Selimi would collaborate with the justice system.

It is obvious that Albin Kurti was aware of Rexhep Selimi’s involvement in the murder of Xhemail Mustafa and therefore rushed to pay homage to the victim prior to his alliance with DLK. This is a clear hypocrisy on his end, for which we are now aware as we are for many of his previous stances, which Kurti has now completely erased. Now he may face an issue with the two prominent ladies, former DLK members, who have switched sides to ally with him. It is Vjosa Osmani’s cause to shed light on the victims murdered by Serbian authorities and she swears that there will be no dialogue until the case is solved. On the other hand, Mrs. Osmani will have to find the truth regarding the murder of high officials of her former party from the party with which she is now allying up. The murderers in this case work in the same headquarters as her and it would not take much work to identify them.

It will be important to see how Vjosa Osmani will position herself with the clear facts from the UNMIK file, which prove that at least three past executions hold the names of the same authors, who used to work as bodyguards for Rexhep Selimi, a high ranking official of Vetevendosje. They do not need to change their relation with Albin Kurti as he is aware of the murderers. However, they need to work in relation with Vetevendosje and its attitude towards the political murders. To begin with, they should either attempt to force Vetevendosje to distance itself from Rexhep Selimi or distance themselves from the party. As per their own slogan, “Dare,” courage is what they need most at the moment. The courage to confront the murderers who work in the headquarters of the same party as they do.


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