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DP sets up working group to resolve the situation in the party, invites Berisha MPs to join

2022-03-23 23:06:59Politika TEMA

The Democratic Party will set up a working group to find a common solution to the situation inside the blue headquarters.

DP announces that this working group will include members of the Presidency, the Parliamentary Group and the College of Presidents.

The blue headquarters also has an invitation for the deputies of the Re-establishment Commission to join an equal number of members of this structure to find a common solution.


1. The Party leadership strongly appeals to avoid the language of hatred, blackmail, dissension, insult and arrogance among Democrats and calls on every member of the Party to reflect on and reconsider the current divisive position among Democrats. The Democratic Party is damaged by the division and internal conflict between the Democrats and only the regime of Edi Rama benefits.

2. The party leadership calls for the immediate cessation of any unilateral initiative and process, which is being carried out at the party base, because they constitute divisive acts among Democrats. This would be considered an expression of the will to start the unification process.

3. The Party leadership declares its willingness to do everything for the sake of unity and formally invites the other party's colleagues to talks. For this purpose, a working group is created with the participation of members of the Presidency, the Parliamentary Group and the College of Presidents, inviting that part of this working group be joined in equal numbers by representatives of the other party's colleagues. The Commanding Chairman of the DPA is in charge of concretizing this formula.

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