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PHOTO: Vildane Zeneli, complete nude

2022-03-24 14:15:49Lifestyle TEMA

PHOTO: Vildane Zeneli, complete nude

She is one of the Albanian models who gets attention and arouses interest for every appearance she makes on social networks.

It is about Vildane Zeneli, a star already with nearly 700 thousand followers on Instagram.

The Albanian beauty shares with her followers various images and videos and with the latter made her the focus of the pink pages.

The same posed completely 'topless' on a beach covering with a net only the intimate parts of the body.

 "Beach please", was the description he gave the photo.

The brunette seems to have ruled out the possibility of followers commenting alongside the post.

Zeneli otherwise for many years has relocated all activities to the United States. 

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  1. #
    #Gopisti i NSHRAK-ut

    Xhishu, xhishu moj Vildane se kjo Botë është jarane. . Ti e xheshur ua ka ënda të xhishem unë më rrasin brënda! ????

    1. G
      Gopisti i NSHRAK-ut

      @IT . E provoi NSHRAK-u por, si prozë doli vargu. Me sa duket miku im duhet ndrequr në formatim.

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