Instagram brings the update we were looking forward to

2022-03-24 15:05:03Lifestyle TEMA

Instagram brings the update we were looking forward to

The most used social network of the moment "Instagram" has announced that it will activate some new changes.

It has been reported that it is restoring the feed in chronological order of posting.

According to GSM Arena, the new version of the app has two optional feeds, which we can activate by clicking on the Instagram logo at the top.

The first is called "Flowing", and this is the chronological supply of each post from each account you follow, while the other is called "Favorites".

With the new social network 'uptate' you can add up to 50 accounts as your favorites, and when you select the feed, you will only see their posts - also chronologically sorted.

Furthermore, posts from accounts in your favorites will be displayed above in the main feed. You can make changes to your favorites list at any time, as people will not be notified when you add or remove them.

However, none of these new resources can be set by default, at least for now. So every time you log in to Instagram, you will still see the default algorithm-based feed, and if you want to click "Follow" or "Favorites", you will have to select it manually.

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    Vertet kete prisnim. Shume interesante ..ahahahahhahahaha

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